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Is Your Fleet Protected?

Turn traffic tickets into company income with CDL Protect
Nationwide network of experienced CDL traffic attorneys
Up to 100% coverage for attorney fees for members


Your Fleet Legal Protection Unlocks

And much more...

NATIONWIDE Attorney Network

Stop living in constant fear for your CDL career and livelihood.  We are here to help!

$0 Fleet Cost & No Contracts!

How it works?

Fight your traffic tickets in minutes in 3 easy steps.

photo of ticket - iphone mockup shadow.png


Snap a photo of your traffic ticket.


email sent - iphone mockup shadow.png

Send it to us and keep cruising.

Tickets Dismissed - iphone mockup shadow.png


Relax as we fight your case, zero out-of-pocket cost.

Easy - Fast - Affordable!

8 out of 10 CDL Drivers Can Expect At Least 1 Traffic Ticket This Year

Our Members Get Up To 100% Coverage on Traffic Attorney Fees

As a CDL driver, our legal plans offer you unparalleled protection, ensuring your license remains clean, your insurance premiums low and your career uninterrupted.










What violations are covered?

Some of the most common violations, covered under the membership include:



Following Too Close


No Seat Belt


Failure to yield right of way


Improper turns 

Using a Hand-Held Device

Expired medical certificate 

Red lights

Stop signs

Failure to obey a traffic control device 

We also handle more serious violations that CDL drivers may face:


Moving & Non-Moving Violations

Serious Violations


Tickets That Result From Accidents


CSA & DATA-Q Challenges


Pre-Existing Tickets


Almost Anything Else You Stumble Upon, just let us know, we got your back!

*Some serious violations may not be fully covered under the membership, depending on severity of the violation.


 Choose Your Shield

Our membership plans are designed to offer maximum protection. Whether you choose the Silver, Gold or VIP Premium Plus, you can rest assured knowing you have a dedicated team ready to defend your rights as a CDL driver.


    Every month
    +$69 last month charge
    Premium Protection
    • Nationwide Network of Commercial Grade Traffic Attorneys
    • Up to 100% off Legal Fees for covered violations
    • 24/7 Commercial Roadside Dispatch
    • No Processing Fees
    • 25% Discount On Other Legal Matters
    • Safe Driver Annual Rewards
    • Family Protection Included
    • Up to 40% Discounts for Tax Services

    Every month
    Perfect for Vehicle Owners - Includes Free GPS Horus 3800
    Valid for 15 months
    • Nationwide Network of Commercial Grade Traffic Attorneys
    • Up to 100% off Attorney Fees for Covered Violations
    • 24/7 Commercial Roadside Dispatch
    • No Processing Fees
    • 25% Discount On Other Legal Matters
    • Safe Driver Annual Rewards
    • Spousal Protection
    • Up to 40% Discounts for Tax Services
    • FREE Horus GPS Device-Ultimate Vehicle Anti-Theft Protection
    • Included Monthly Platform and Data Costs for Horus GPS
    • Fuel Discounts

Your Average Annual Savings

To give you some idea on how much you could benefit from investing just $2 a day to protect your career, we calculated average savings our members have experienced in just 1st year of their membership. It's worth it, and it's obvious.

If You Are On 
Your Own

CDL Protect

Attorney Fees
Lost Days Of Work
Better Job Opportunity
Tax Preparation
Spousal Attorney Fees
Your Car Insurance Premium
Your Truck Insurance Premium


-      $3,750
-      $2,250
-      $12,500
-      $600-700
-      $950
-      $2950

-      $4800

$27, 850

-     $828 (Gold Plan)
-     $0
-     $0
-     $300-400
-     $0
-     $1440
-     $2800


Your Savings


Ready to Save BIG, While Keeping Your Record Clean And Your Career Secured?

It Costs Less than Your Morning Brew to Protect Your Livelihood!


What Real Members Say About CDL Protect

I had a nightmare scenario - a rollover accident with my semi, and a "Negligent Driving" ticket to top it off. But CDL Protect, those guys are magic workers. They stepped in and got it changed to a "Defective Equipment" violation. Seriously, they saved my career. If that ticket had stayed on my record, I'd be off the job market. Big thanks to my account specialist, Philip - I owe you big time!

-Charles Bolden, Verified CDL Protect Member

Are you ready to finally

Drive Protected & Live Fearless?

Don't wait any longer. Fill out the form and we will give you a call for a FREE Consultation!

When is the best time to reach you?

Great to hear from you! We look forward to protecting your CDL and will get back to you shortly.

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  • What is CDL Protect-ED Membership Plan?
    CDL Protect-ED Membership Plan is a comprehensive legal protection and support program designed for commercial drivers. It covers a wide range of legal matters, including traffic citations, employment claims, and insurance issues.
  • Up to 100% Attorney coverage, What does that mean for me as a member?
    It means that your membership will pay up to 100% of the Attorney cost for fighting your traffic tickets. How much exactly depends from the violation severity and active plan tier.
  • I already have TVC Pro-Driver! Why should i consider switching to CD Protect?
    While TVC Pro-Driver offers a range of services for truck drivers, there are several reasons why you should consider switching to CDL Protect-ED: Comprehensive Attorney Network: CDL Protect-ED provides access to a nationwide network of commercial grade traffic attorneys, experienced in handling CDL traffic tickets and various other legal matters. This ensures that you receive the best possible representation in your specific location. Personalized Support: CDL Protect-ED offers personalized support for each member, ensuring that your individual needs are addressed. Our team of experts in trucking safety, compliance, and insurance claims are available to answer your questions and provide tailored advice. Extensive Education Resources: CDL Protect-ED offers comprehensive online driver education resources, covering topics such as safety, regulations, and best practices. This empowers you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the trucking industry confidently and effectively. Protection Against Abusive Trucking Companies: CDL Protect-ED is dedicated to protecting you from unethical and abusive trucking companies. Our team provides support in dealing with issues such as wrongful termination, predatory lease agreements, and unsafe working conditions. Exclusive Services and Bonuses: Depending on the membership plan you choose, CDL Protect-ED offers additional benefits such as spousal protection, safe driver annual bonuses, and exclusive services like the "Behind The Curtain" consultation with our sales specialists. 24/7 Commercial Roadside Dispatch: CDL Protect-ED offers 24/7 commercial roadside dispatch service, ensuring that you receive prompt assistance in case of a breakdown or other emergencies on the road. By switching to CDL Protect-ED, you'll gain access to a wide range of services and support, designed to help you navigate the trucking industry with confidence and peace of mind. To see some unbiased and unpaid reviews for TVC Please click here to follow the link to
  • How does the attorney cost coverage work?
    We cover up to 100%. Depending on the membership plan you choose and the severity of the violation, For example, the Silver Plan covers essential attorney costs, while the Premium and Premium Plus plans offer more comprehensive coverage.
  • What does "off-hands ticket handling" mean?
    "Off-hands ticket handling" means that once you send us your ticket and provide the necessary information, there is nothing else for you to worry about. We will match you with one of our service provider CDL attorneys, who will prepare the case, fight it in court, and negotiate to change the violation or remove it completely from your record. We will inform you of the court results and complete DataQ if necessary, so you can focus on your job without any additional stress.
  • Will I have to go to court for my traffic citation?
    No. in most cases, you will not have to go to court. Our attorneys will represent you in court 99 times out of 100. However, there are still some counties that may require your presence. We will inform you if this is the case for your particular citation.
  • Why a Traffic Warning Can Be Worse than a Traffic Ticket for CDL Drivers?
    Unlike traffic tickets, warnings cannot be challenged in court or removed from a driver's record, leaving drivers without recourse to dispute them. Warnings are recorded on a CDL driver's Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) report, which employers use to evaluate driving history. Both warnings and tickets can create a negative impression for potential employers, even if no fines or court appearances are involved. Warnings can contribute to higher insurance rates, as insurance companies may consider them when determining premiums. Unlike traffic tickets, warnings cannot be challenged in court or removed from a driver's record, leaving drivers without recourse to dispute them. Accumulation of warnings may create the impression of a pattern of unsafe driving, which could impact a driver's professional reputation and employment prospects.
  • Is CDL Protect , Insurance Company or Law Firm?
    No, CDL Protect is Auto Club Association that serves the trucking industry trough our network of local service providers CDL traffic attorneys.
  • Does this membership cover court expenses?
    No, while your membership covers attorney fees percentage, depending on your active plan and violation severity.
  • How does the included Horus GPS work in the Premium Plus plan?
    The Horus GPS included in the Premium Plus plan is a state-of-the-art GPS device designed for vehicle tracking and anti-theft protection. It comes with free monthly platform and data costs and offers real-time tracking, geofencing, and other advanced features to ensure your vehicle's security.
  • What is the Safe Driver Annual Bonus?
    The Safe Driver Annual Bonus is a reward for maintaining a clean driving record throughout the year. As a member of our Premium and Premium Plus plans, you may be eligible for this bonus, which is our way of acknowledging your commitment to safety.
  • How does the 24/7 Commercial Roadside Dispatch work?
    Our 24/7 Commercial Roadside Dispatch service provides round-the-clock support for drivers in need of roadside assistance or repairs. Simply call our dispatch team, and they will locate the nearest service provider, negotiate pricing, and arrange for help to reach you.
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