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Our Big Why

Defending CDL Drivers is Not Just Our Business - It's Our Passion.

In over a two-decade-long journey within the trucking industry, we realized an unsettling truth: The system is disproportionately stacked against the drivers. It's not the corporations or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that bear the brunt – it's the everyday drivers like you.

Time and again, we observed drivers receiving the short end of the stick, dealing with an uphill battle when confronting law enforcement and trucking companies. After witnessing this injustice one too many times, we decided to step away from our corporate roles.

We assembled a formidable team of 'White Knights,' including Safety & Compliance Directors, Risk Management Specialists, Over-The-Road Truck Drivers, and Dispatchers. By joining forces with Insurance Agents and Attorneys nationwide, we've crafted the most comprehensive driver protection plan uniquely tailored to your needs.

Welcome to CDL Club – your safe haven. Here, you're encouraged to voice your concerns and find the supportive community you deserve. We're here to level the playing field and ensure that you, the driver, are no longer left in the dust.

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